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JV «ROYALPLASTINDUSTRI» LTD is one of the largest producers pipes and fittings made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) , PPR (PP), polyethylene (PE) in Uzbekistan. Founded in 2008. Production halls equipped with automatic imported production lines, which are served by highly qualified professionals. Company specializing in the production of pipes and fittings for hot and cold water, sewer, and underfloor heating of various sizes from imported raw materials (Turkey, Korea), and local materials. And also take individual orders for the manufacture of any size and diameter of your order.

Because of its reliability, versatility and relatively low price, brand ROYAL PLAST has been recognized not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the neighboring countries, underlining the company's commitment to excellence of products .
ROYAL PLAST company is based on the production capacity of the plant, which has years of experience in the plastics industry. After the improvement of production, the quality-oriented products, while using the latest equipment, using their own independent projects of intellectual property, with the improvement of central importance of quality management policy in the manufacturing process, the company has been widely recognized and appreciated not only the buyers of their products, but also of in the field of bathroom fixtures and plastic manufacture. By passing all of these reasons, the main pride of the company is a team of like-minded people working on the implementation, development and improvement of technological processes to improve product quality brand ROYAL PLAST.
Our main goal - to do everything in order that you become our client!
We strive for you to just buy us all that is necessary, without spending extra effort to find.

For this, our company:

- Supports a wide range of products in stock;
- Execute a query as supporters of domestic products and imported products lovers;
- Conducts a reasonable pricing policy;
- Provides a flexible system of discounts;
- Improve the speed and level of customer service;
In the office or in the warehouse, which are on the same territory, qualified and responsible staff.
Buying products and getting customer JV ROYAL PLAST INDUSTRI LTD You will find high-quality, durable products and reliable partner.
invite you to cooperation! We are confident that it will bring mutual benefit!
Acquire all piping and fittings from a single source.
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With the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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